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Lure and Color Selection for River Steelhead

January 22, 2017 @ 4:03 pm
Capt. Niedlinger’s Philosophy   In the 70’s, my brother Gil and I began shore fishing the St. Joseph River in southwest Michigan in the fall for salmon and trout.  The king salmon run was incredibly strong back then and anglers lined the banks of the river, elbow to elbow below the Berrien Springs dam.  It was a frenetic scene with a sort of organized chaos.  As a newbie to fishing for anadromous fish, I was astounded at the size, the number, and the variety of the species being landed.  In addition to the big kings, there were steelhead and lake [...]

Taking What Mother Nature Gives You

December 4, 2016 @ 1:46 am
There is nothing better than fishing under ideal conditions.  The weather is pleasant and the fish are biting.   What a pleasure to be on the water!  But what if the weather, the fish, or some other circumstance throws you a curve ball.  While we may try to plan our fishing outings around good weather and when the fish are supposed to be biting, often what we encounter is a different set of circumstances.  Too hot, too cold, too windy or dead calm, the dreaded cold fronts.  Maybe the fish are not where they are supposed to be or not biting.  [...]

Trips Are Quickly Filling Up For 2016

With fishing continuing to be very good, Guy is quickly filling his calendar for the 2016 summer season.  With only about 8 weeks left there are just a few dates that are open before fall.  If you wanting to get in on the Salmon action,  hunt for muskies, and boat some Walleye this summer you will need to book your trip very soon