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Late Summer/Early Fall is Trophy Salmon Time on Lake Michigan

Late Summer/Early Fall is Trophy Salmon Time on Lake Michigan

September 1, 2016 @ 1:37 am

As of this writing, pre-spawn salmon are beginning to be caught along the south shore of Lake Michigan signaling the arrival of their fall spawning migration.  It is prime time to experience trophy salmon fishing as the mature king salmon seek out the streams of their birth or the sites of their stocking.  There are other species available to add to the action as well.  For example, fall run steelhead follow the salmon to take advantage of the abundant and easy to catch protein snacks that are salmon eggs which are floating freely in the streams.  Late August and early September defines the peak four week period when the biggest king salmon of the year become concentrated along nearshore haunts, whether they be river or creek mouths or harbors.  The majority of these fish are still bright silver in color and provide excellent sport and table fare.  However, as time goes on, these fish will darken into their spawning colors.  This transformation signals a change in the salmon’s attitude.  They cease feeding and begin to live off the fat deposits within their bodies which begins to degrade their table quality.  These fish can still be caught by appealing to their aggressive territorial nature or by triggering an instinctive reaction by using salmon roe as bait.  Later, the coho salmon will follow suit and then in November, the lake trout will come ashore to take their procreational turn.  There are still immature salmon to be caught in deeper, cooler water as well.  The season, which began in March with young, ravenous coho salmon flooding the shallows in search of spawning alewives has now progressed to this end point.  It is a fitting climax to a fine season of fishing the big lake.  Join me for a memorable fishing experience.  I still have a few, choice open dates available.

Capt. Guy Lopez

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