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Lake Michigan
Fishing Guide

Fishing Illinois and Indiana waters of Lake Michigan as well as inland waters of Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana

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Hello. I am Captain Guy Lopez A Seasoned Lake Michigan
Fishing Guide.
I would love to take you fishing.

I haven't always been a Lake Michigan Fishing Guide, I started out like many of you by fishing with my Dad. He instilled the love of the Great Outdoors in both my brother and me. As I got older and more experienced I began to realize that there were many different varieties of fish worth pursuing. Almost nowhere else on earth are so many freshwater gamefish species available in such close proximity as around the Great Lakes. Think of it like going to Baskin-Robbins: why limit oneself to vanilla when there are so many flavors and they are all good?! I take great pride and pleasure in getting people to experience new species and techniques. In fact, I’d rather see my guests catch fish than myself. I specialize in small groups and personal attention. I do not guarantee fish, sometimes they just will not cooperate. That’s fishing. But I will guarantee that I will give my best effort every time out to put fish in the boat. Give me a call if you want to have a unique, hands-on fishing experience.
Guy Lopez - Lake Michigan Fishing Guide


Lake Michigan

Inland Lakes and Rivers


/per person

Six hours minimum

Six hours

leaving from Homewood, IL

up to three guests

$450 (eight hours)

Other arrangements can be made.

captain to specify port of departure

up to two guests unless otherwise arranged

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January 31, 2022
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Thanks Captain Lopez

July 5, 2020
Wild Dog Tackle and Good Guyde Service always delivers a wonderful experience. Captain Guy Lopez is simply the best. He provides…

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