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About Your Trip

Wild Dog Good Guyde Service offers several trip options to fit your needs.
Great Lakes trips are for one to three guests and for six hours minimum.
The captain will try to accommodate desired start times but the best fishing is usually shortly before sunup or sundown. The port of departure will depend on the season and prevailing weather and wind conditions. Spring salmon trips usually depart from Calumet Park at 95th street, East Chicago Marina (Pastrick’s), or Burns Ditch at Portage. Summer salmon trips usually depart from Waukegan. These are usually trolling ventures and all tackle and equipment will be provided.

Inland trips are generally for one or two guests because casting and/or trolling will be employed, although three guests can be accommodated under certain circumstances. Musky trips are limited to one or two guests because of the space required. Customers are encouraged to bring their own equipment, if desired, when casting or jigging will be the primary presentation, but quality equipment will be available for their use if needed. Trolling equipment, if necessary will be provided. Since we have to pull the boat to the desired location, transportation can be arranged for any trip.

We also offer instructional trips focusing on a specific species or technique. Want to learn how to troll with crankbaits on leadcore line? Or how to vertical jig on a big river? Need some pointers on how to set up your new boat? Want to learn how to minimize tangles when setting a multiple rod set for salmon? These and other fishing mysteries can be tackled during an instructional trip.