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Good Guyde Fishing Season

Seasonal Peak Fishing

Fish Run Chart


While most inland waters are ice bound, the Great Lakes and certain rivers can remain open, allowing for exciting battles with steelhead, brown trout, and walleye. Properly prepared, staying warm is not a concern and the fishing can be hot!


As the ice melts and the waters begin to warm, there are many options for fast fishing. Early spring brings excellent walleye, brown trout and coho salmon fishing. As the waters warm further, bass fishing heats up as well. There is even the opportunity to fish for a combination of species in the same day!


Early summer can bring fantastic action for bass and walleye, at least until Memorial Day. After that, inland lakes tend to become overrun with pleasure boaters, jet skis, and skiers. The Great Lakes are a vast sanctuary where the fishing for king salmon, coho salmon, steelhead, and lake trout can be fantastic during the heat of summer.


The passing of Labor Day signals a reduction in boat traffic on the inland lakes and fall is the most consistently good time to be on the water all year. Since most species put on the feedbag in preparation for winter, there are numerous options. Early fall fishing for bass and walleye as well as musky and pike can be especially good. Later, as the waters cool, action slows but the opportunity for a lunker muskie, pike, walleye or bass increases. After Thanksgiving is an excellent time to pursue steelhead and walleye in the rivers once again.